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Inspired by the music of the Grateful Dead, Exit 43 jams on the songs and bands you know with groovy detours into funk, rock, soul, and beyond.  Look for the exit, and enjoy the ride.

Don Rogers
Keyboard, Vocals
Beth Furman
Drums, Vocals

Beth has taught yoga in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Don Rogers
Keyboard, Vocals

Don's greatest

musical influence is Herbie Hancock.

Dan Furman
Bass, Backing Vocals

Dan played Harold Hill in his 5th grade production of The Music Man.

Mark Wasserman
Lead Guitar

Mark has been playing guitar for 45 years and has two children pursuing careers as professional musicians.

Tony Kim
Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Tony’s first song he learned to play on guitar was “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.”

David Weisberg

David made

Mother Teresa


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